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Special Measures

28 Oct 2016

Special Measures

We all come in different shapes and sizes. How then do you make clothes that create that wonderful feel of a ‘good fit’ for every customer? Sixteen47 has top expertise. Its specially devised size-grades allow graceful adaptation to a body’s shape. Helen Teague, its designer, creates clothes that augment the human form. Her magical formula is based on her experience in architecture where proportion is everything. Well designed clothes are a

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Helen Teague: Sixteen47 Designer

12 Oct 2016

“I think I bought my first clothes from you in London in the early 90s. I know I've gone up a size from 4 to 5 since then but thankfully there is still some growing room! Today I put a Sixteen47 item out for the charity shop for the first time ever...a pair of pale blue trousers. Looking at my wardrobe it is easily 85% sixteen47 although not all as it came, tops have become jackets, occasionally trousers have become skirts, when I get bored I mess with stuff but this is the first giveaw

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We just want what everyone else wants - no surpises there then!

20 Oct 2015

Funny about ASOS as when I spoke to Lord Waheed in 2011 about doing bigger sizes he said that ASOS was so successful because it stuck to its target market ie young and thin. At that time CURVES had only about a dozen items! By the following season they had increased their offer to 100's of new things - and now 1000's.! and so it seems he did reflect on what I said to him in 2011 - that BIG girls just want what everyone else wants. Good for everyone! See Guardian 20th October 2015 for full art

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Sixteen47 signs up for Guardian Sustainable Business.

24 Aug 2014

Since we started trading in 1991 Dawn and Helen have maintained an ethical approach to business. They are proud of their factory in Ghana, West Africa.

Despite the challenges in institutional support and infrastructure their small company illustrates what it is possible to achieve.

Dawn viisted the Ghana factory in 2002 and the visit was featured in Marie Claire Magasine.

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How our garments are made

07 Feb 2014

Most of our garments are made in our own small factory in Accra Ghana.

We have a spacious well equipped workspace in down town Accra. 

All our staff are employed, work a 35 hour week and with no compusory overtime. Our salaries excellent and based on a regularly reviewed sustainable income - our minimum unskilled entry level salary is 4 x the National minimum wage. 

All our staff have bank accounts, email addresses and employment contracts, 20 days p

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What is the Sixteen47 Brand?

15 Dec 2013

We have had a number of emails from you saying that people you know had not heard about and Dawn French's role in the company. Indeed, they had searched for larger sizes in designer clothing to no avail. We have to accept this is proven a difficulty on our part. We have simply never advertised our products using terms such as Plus Sizes, Oversize, Outsize, Large and Extra Large because we have always felt that these descripto

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Versatile and convenient shopping

16 Nov 2013

Now You can visit the site on any of your favou rite devices - and the viewing format makes shopping easy!

Dont forget to select your size when you log in - so items in your size are pre-selected for you .... and remember to visit “MANAGE ACCOUNT” where you can check your credit balance, view your orders and your emails. 

More good news ... the SOAP BOX will be back soon.

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Size Guide

Our sizing system was developed by Helen and Dawn based on their own experiences and Helen's training in architecture. Helen uses both measurement and scale to ensure that the fit works but also that proportions are considered.

Size Information

Size 1 will suit anyone from size 16-20 Bust - 42 Hip - 44

Size 2 will suit anyone from size 20-24 Bust - 46 Hip - 48

Size 3 will suit anyone from size 24-28 Bust - 50 Hip - 52

Size 4 will suit anyone from size 28-32 Bust - 54 Hip - 56

Size 5 will suit anyone from size 32-36 Bust - 58 Hip - 60

Size 6 will suit anyone from size 36-47 Bust - 66 Hip - 70

Special Sizing

We regret that we are no londer able to offer specially made lengths. Our size chart (above) does refer to UK sizes and is in inches. US sizing is normally a size up eg. a size 14 in the UK is a size 16 in the US

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