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Gorgeous ! Thank you from Australia


Let me tell you just how much I love my Marigold 3/4 Belled Sleeved Handkerchief Jersey Tunic/Dress - that just arrived in the mail.
Really beautiful fabric, soft and strong. The colour is bold ... and what I especially like is the cut .... falls so nicely away from my wobbly bits!
It was my first purchase. Being so far away in Australia I was a little anxious about the fit but now I know it's very ME ... I can safely buy some more items ...
Thank you thank you. Dawn and Helen and the rest of the team.
Great service - gorgeous product.

Sarah Lulu

New scoop-necked tops


Oh, lovely! I like the little gathers. Will order purple and grey ones on pay day...I hope you will have some size 4s left by then!




Having read in today's papers about women in Bangladesh being paid just 25 pence per hour to make clothes for some of the large chain & high street stores it was a good reminder of one of the important reasons I buy from 1647 - your ethical stance and good treatment and care of your staff was very important to me when I first started buying from you all those years ago - that's quite apart from the excellent customer service and beautiful fabrics and the clothes themselves - I would rather pay a little bit more and know that everyone is being treated well and fairly - helps me sleep at night!! So once again thank you.

Sue Pons

Can you...?


Love your clothes, but have some comments and suggestions:

1. I've bought multiple cardigans from you. They're lovely, but on the lighter weight ones especially, the facings around neckline and front opening are too shallow and pop up. Perhaps tack them down?
2. Also on lighterweight cardigans, the stitching comes out of the sleeve hem and bottom hem.
3. Wish list: have you considered a higher-neck top to use in layering with your jersey cardigans--turtleneck, mock turtle, or cowl-neck? I'd buy a bunch!

Thanks, keep up the good work,



Re re email


Hello again
You are complete stars! Yes please I would love it if you held the cardigan for me as well.
Brilliant now I won't have to check out my first husbands life insurance. (Actually I only have the one husband but I feel referring to him as my first tends to keep him on his toes!)
I will definitely have both, would you like some kind of surety? I have two children you can hold as hostages. Both well past their Best Before dates I'm afraid but other than that there is only the dog and I'm really quite attached to that.
Please feel free to post what you like on Soapbox
Really hoping that you have enough fabric for the shirt. I know a size 6 does mean creating something large enough for a couple of boy scout groups to hold a jamboree under, but here's hoping.
In the meantime I shall keep everything crossed - which for a woman of my age is undesirable, if not downright dangerous!


Sixteen47 One to Six Sizes

  • SIZE 1 will suit anyone from size 16-20 Bust - 42 Hip - 44
  • SIZE 2 will suit anyone from size 20-24 Bust - 46 Hip - 48
  • SIZE 3 will suit anyone from size 24-28 Bust - 50 Hip - 52
  • SIZE 4 will suit anyone from size 28-32 Bust - 54 Hip - 56
  • SIZE 5 will suit anyone from size 32-36 Bust - 58 Hip - 62
  • SIZE 6 will suit anyone from size 36-47 Bust - 66 Hip - 70
See highlighted below for where our unique one-six size ranges meets UK dress sizes
UK Dress Sizes 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 34 36 40 42
Bust Measurement
in inches 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 58 60 64 66
in cm 101 107 112 117 122 127 132 137 142.5 152.5 157.5 167.5
Hip Measurement
in inches 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 60 62 66 68
in cm 107 112 117 122 127 132 137 142.5 152.5 157.5 167.5 173
International Dress Sizes
US Dress Size 12 14 16 18 22 24 26 28 32 34 38 40
French Dress Size 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 62 64 68 70
Italian Dress Size 52 56 58 60 62 62 66 68 72 74 78 80
German Dress Size 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 64 66 70 72
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