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Digital Sequin 100% Linen Duvet and pillow case set (93751)

Digital Sequin 100% Linen Duvet and pillow cases.

Think of all the glamour of sequins - this print conjures it up perfectly! In soft rainblow colours and the iconic sequin "print" 

The set comprises:

1 x  Printed duvet  220x250cm

2  x print  pillow cases 75x50cm

Yu can team this up with any plain colour or simply white. A perfect match for Ecru.

Beautifully finished handcrafted bedlinen. Loops for buttons.  

Fabric supplied from Germany.

Of all fabrics, linen may age the most gracefully. Softening with every wash yet retaining strength, properly looked-after linen can last for generations.

Natural linen colour is influenced by the growing and processing conditions of the flax plant and can range between ivory, ecru, oatmeal, and taupe.

Care: 60 deg. Machine wash Steam iron. Do not bleach.

We believe keeping your bedlinen for a long time is one of the best ways to be sustainable, so here’s some tips for extending the life of your favourite flaxen fabrics.

The fibres are strongest when they’re damp, so even the most delicate garments will do well in a washing machine. The smooth surface of the flax fibres means stains are easily shed.  Linen is highly absorbent, soaking up twice its weight in water before dripping – so it should be washed in a machine with plenty of room to spare so it can move around. 

Ironing:We love the relaxed crumples of well-worn linen. These creases get softer and comfier with age and can be enjoyed as the definition of laid-back cool. However, a crisp linen is sometimes desirable. In these cases, you should iron the material while it’s still damp – first on the wrong side to remove the creases, and then on the right side. A good steam iron works best. 


In September 2017 we investigated the possibility of including a collection of homewares - including bedlinen - to our website. The idea was initially inspired .....READ MORE by visiting

Our beautifully crafted bed linen made under 1647's "Just Commerce" partnership with Sixteen47 Ghana Ltd.


100% linen is sumptuously soft to start with, you will notice them getting even more so with age, both throughout the week and after washing.  Linen sheets are naturally breathable, which helps to keep you cooler in the summer and toasty throughout the winter months. They’re also well worth considering if you or your family suffer from allergens or skin problems, as pure linen sheets boast anti-allergic properties.

Linen also wins when it comes to eco-credentials. Needing only water to grow, it is made from the flax plant – a renewable source that is fully biodegradable.


 "It looks great - not too rustic which I thought it would - in fact rather modern. "



Initially I thought the material felt heavy and somewhat rough in comparison to our current smooth cotton sheets/duvet cover 

Sleeping between it though is great - not heavy at all - not rough at all.

Instead somehow pleasurably soft and light and warm and cool at the same time. And it never gets tangled however much one tosses and turns.

My daughter (who knows the science) says because skin has an immense number of receptors which experience texture as pleasure….."

"Stitching finish excellent - seams all very flat. The seams run down the sheet but not a problem. 

Buttons are lovely, well sewn. The loops (as compared to button holes) look lovely. Great to have extra buttons " 

"Washing - Easy to wash and dry though drying in a tumble dryer takes longer than other material"

Fabric: 100% Linen

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